Privacy Policy values your privacy. The following policy applies to data you share with


  • Personal data you synchronize here is considered private. You are not required to join in any "community" to use
  • Personal data you synchronize here is not available to the public in any way, unless you enable such options in the preferences.
  • Personal data you synchronize here will not be divulged to any third party.
  • Personal data you synchronize here will not be subject to analysis or scrutiny, beyond that required to test, maintain and update the system.
  • The URLs of any channels you synchronize here are all considered private. For example, they will not be used as inspiration for the Feed Guide.
  • No aggregated statistics or "attention data" will be shared with third parties.

Email Addresses

  • The email address you provide with your account details will not be shared with any third party
  • The only messages sent to your address will be by the password reset mechanism
  • Other services that make use of your email address may be introduced in the future, but messages will only be sent with your prior consent.

Distributed Checking

  • Data from users of Distributed Checking is collected on a central server, however no personal information or information linkable to an individual is divulged to other users.
  • Distributed Checking data will not be shared with any third party
  • Distributed Checking data is permanently deleted on a daily basis

Distributed Checking Note

  • The Shrook desktop application system never transmits channel URLs to, only hashes of those URLs.
  • It is mathematically impossible to learn the URL of a private channel from only its hash.
  • However, it is possible to calculate the hash of a public URL and match it against the hashes in the Distributed Checking database.

Liability Note

  • This policy represents a promise to take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of your data as desribed above, and never to share it deliberately. It does not not represent a guarantee or warranty against misconfiguration; software or hardware malfunction; or human error.

The policy may be clarified or amended in the future, as necessary.

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